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Swtor Rakata on Lehon Bodyguard Zentoo Reukli by Aliens-of-Star-Wars Swtor Rakata on Lehon Bodyguard Zentoo Reukli by Aliens-of-Star-Wars
Zentoo Reukli
a Rakata of the noble class

cheer to the artist !!! :iconsuppa-rider:

Zentoo is a Rakata of Lehon who was an associate of Ll'awa,a male Rakata Elder and researcher, attempting to restore Force-sensitivity to the Rakata species. Zentoo was also a skilled warrior, and strangely also had a wide knowledge and history of the Infinite Empire, the empire that had once ruled and enslaved the galaxy under the rule of the Rakata.
This was why he was asked by Ll’awa to assist him in his researchs. Both of them had had no ability to sense or use the Force, though his research was directed toward restoring the ability to be Force-sensitive. Ll’awa hoped to achieve this by breeding potential Force-sensitive individuals to re-inherit the ability to use the Force—which they had possessed in times past.. Ll'awa needed data on the genetic structure of exceptional individuals in his own species spanning the past millennia. But that often bring his test subjects to madness, then Zentoo was able to protect him from these unpredictable attacks.
His favorite weapon was the same some warriors used, but made from much more expensive materials, and force imbued, though he didnt sensed the Force, the subjects did, often misleading them to think (if they still were able to!) that Zentoo was also a Force sensitive being, unfortunately making them more cautious of their first move, which gave the split second Zentoo needed to overpower them.
Though not being a noble, he didnt deprived himself of the best his people produced.
He enjoyed seeing other people suffers.
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July 8, 2012
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