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SWTOR Last Council Twi'lek Jedi Alysia Solimar by Aliens-of-Star-Wars SWTOR Last Council Twi'lek Jedi Alysia Solimar by Aliens-of-Star-Wars
This Fantastic Twi'lek by :icontanathiel:

is a wonderful piece of art. I'm glad I asked him for a commission!
He's very talented, very helpful artist, and though I tried to offer as much details and reference pictures as I could, I actually havent offered muchinsight of the character herself, in fact, there is a lot here that is Tanathiel's ideas! (the dead smuggler's on the floor, the lighting, modifications on the robe, etc), and insight of people who posted ideas during the WIP part!
If it had be done my way, it wouldnt look that stunning!!

hope her story makes sense! :
Alysia was very young when her mother discovered she had Force talents. Her mother knew of the Jedi way, and she had a hard time raising Alysia by her own, she knew she would have a better and more fulfilled life with the Jedi. So she traveled to Tython to offer her child, it saddened her, but she decided to stay on Tython herself in one of the illegal camps set around the planet. So at least she would not be far from her daughter, and having no attachment anywhere else anyway.
She was a very bright and lively youngling. She learned very quickly, very mature for her age. She had many friends, and together they worked very hard to be the best Jedi they could be, studying, practicing, and honing their skills.
Even as Jedi Padawan who has spent her entire life within the Order, she has a fierce devotion to the Jedi Code. Though she never miss an occassion to displays her high level of martial prowess and practices. She would not be easily defeated! But she is also very knowledgeable in many fields, always eager to learn ever more.
She has just been promoted to Jedi Knight, but in those difficult times, she didnt felt ready to go on her own, so she still oftens went with her Master, Sayl Morningstar

both shared a great friendship, and worked really well together. Occasionnaly, her master’s twin, Siyal Morningstar

would also join in their missions.
Soon after returning to the Tython temple after a mission, the Temple went in full alert, for many weeks, the Temple security intelligence department were on the edge, the temple was full of treasure, most were invaluable to outsiders, being Jedi artifacts and such. But recently, some artifacts were brought back to be studied from an abandoned planet’s temple. One of the object seemed to be a very powerful artifact that reacted only Force users, though the exact use of that object was yet unknown, and the Jedi were very careful with such things, as they’re often the creation of Sith Alchemy. Words got out of that discovery and reached Sith’s ears, one would end at nothing to get his hand on that rare object!
But the Jedi were prepared for such an eventuality, so when word came that a group of smuggler’s working for that Sith were coming for it. They set a ploy saying they had decided to move the object to another location, under heavy protection. So most of the Jedi who were at the temple were already aboard starships above Tython to prepare for departure, waiting for the last starship who would carry the object. Of course, they knew the smuggler’s were already on the planet, so when the Master carrying the object made his last request to know if everything was ok for departure, he «accidentelly» said he was in the Temple council room. When the smugglers who had managed to get through the temple security –on purpose- and reached the council room, they found it pitch black, except for the seat the Master holding the object who was still taking to a officer in the fleet. They rushed head first in overconfidence, only to be surprised by a few young knights, including Alysia. During the fight, one of the smuggler managed to get hold of the object and tried to get out by one of the window.
But the object reacted to the force inflowing in the room, to the surprise of both the remaining smugglers and the Jedi, the object was corrupted by the dark side, as the Jedi already knew, and even more vitiate, as it quickly attached itself to the smuggler torse and start sending a destructive blow energy accross the room by absorbing the life energy of the non-force users and transforming it. The Jedi Master reacted quickly and Force destroyed the object.
Their plan already involved «destroying» the object during the fight so that it appeared lost forever, while they would still be moving it elsewhere, but they were taken aback to see it activate. They had use the force to probe it, but never as much as the Jedi who were fighting in the room that day. The object had been savantly made in Sith Alchemy to use against the Jedi in that particular way, but practically it couldnt be used in every fight. Though Sith didnt really care for the life of their soldiers, they still wouldnt sacrifice whole legions to get to a few Jedi or risk getting themself killed either. Thats probably why it was left abandoned in that temple, it could be activated from afar by a Sith if need be, but having the exact conditions to be able to use it was rare, unless you devoted a lot of time to plan such an attack
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TINCLANKER Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014
Feel bad for Twi'lek Jedi, the thought that they could cut of a lukka would be horrible.
colin6969 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014
nicely done !
schnebot Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012
really cool picture
India-Lee Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
soooo cool! insta fave =D
Aliens-of-Star-Wars Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012
isnt she! beautiful work by :icontanathiel: go check it out, he's got a few other Star Wars pieces Im sure you'll fave too :)
India-Lee Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012  Student Digital Artist
cool thanks =D
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