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April 1, 2013
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Ahsoka Tano by Aliens-of-Star-Wars Ahsoka Tano by Aliens-of-Star-Wars
Artwork by :iconthe-first-magelord: used with his permission.

Colors by :icondiomahesa: paid to color it, with the permission of The First Magelord

its the perfect mix and match from many Ahsoka costumes/artwork (well from the costumes/artworks I love!!)
No background, didnt asked one. I like it that way! anyway The First Magelord already did the best background for her!
I wanted to have more details on her instead of a background.
The base colors are nothing new, she is Ahsoka after all, and a Togruta

Wanted to see her whole legs, and Togruta skins marks
and love love this artwork by :iconkerembeyit:

so the details on her costume are inspired by it
and Dio Mahesa added the headdress from the Slaves of the Republic costume, I dont remember if I asked him. but its perfect anyway!
Wanted to see the details on the sash too, have some more color than the original sash, so same color as on the headdress.

well nothing is exactly the same as previous costumes/reference, but thats the point right, not having everything the same, well at least to me it counts, I want it to look as its the same without being exactly the same. thats my money Im spending after all!! otherwise I'd keep the screenshots and pictures and not bother asking commissions at all!
The-First-Magelord Apr 3, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Sweet and I love the extra lines and details!
thanks :) will make sure to tell Dio Mahesa
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